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Your temporomandibular joints, also known as TMJs, are ball and socket joints in your jaw. Their purpose it is to move your jaw so that you can speak and chew. However, if your jaw is damaged or injured due to TMJ disorders, that can be a problem.

You can find relief with TMJ disorder treatments. The keys to understanding TMJ disorders include the following:

– Meditation methods including yoga, calming music, and biofeedback are excellent stress relievers that can alleviate jaw pressure.
– Your TMJ disorder could be produced by another underlying disorder such as bruxism. If you are instinctively grinding and clenching your teeth at night, additional stress and pressure will be placed on your jaw.
– Joint pain linked with TMJ disorders can be alleviated with heat or ice packs.
– Countless foods and habits can lead to additional wear and tear on your jaw and to damage with your TMJs, including things like nail-biting, chewing gum, or eating rough or chewy foods such as steak.

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